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Paramo Snacks recognized in the top 500 companies in Latin America

Paramo Snacks, a BIC company, was selected for the second time as one of the best 500 companies in Latin America in the 2021 Latin America Green Awards. 

This award recognizes companies and projects that are committed to caring for the environment, that promote social responsibility, reduction of inequality and that consider education and social inclusion as part of their initiatives. In summary, companies that contribute to making this world a better place. 

These companies represent an example of good practices for the region in ten categories based on the criteria considered in the Sustainable Development Goals, vision 2050 of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Rockström planetary limits. The categories are: Water, Forests and Flora, Biodiversity and Fauna, Human Development, Energy, Economy and Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Cities, Solid Waste Management, Oceans and Responsible Consumption and Production. 

Paramo Snacks with “The GOOD CAUSE CRUNCH”, ranked # 26 in the “Economy: Sustainable Production” category, which evaluates projects based on a socioeconomic and financial system that promotes social welfare and that respect the planet. 

The Green Latin-American Awards represent for all participants an opportunity to exhibit ideas, connect interests and create networks that promote innovation and responsible entrepreneurship with the environment. It has become the most relevant sustainability festival in the region, which each year awards, gives visibility and creates networks among the best 500 social and environmental projects in Latin America. 

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