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Good Chips launches its new chip line wishing to reach all American “crunchaholics”

Delicious, baked beet chips with yacon, criolla potatoes with lemon, and cauliflower with aged cheese are among some of the new flavors released for all American residents seeking out the Good cause Crunch. 

Paramo Snacks, a Collective Benefit and Interest (BIC) venture with triple impact recognized as Product of the Year in 2020 for its GOOD CHIPS line, is now introducing an innovative repertoire of oil-free baked chips that will delight all types of consumers.

This new line of baked chips includes exotic and unique combinations of ingredients such as beets with yacon, cauliflower with aged cheese, and delicious super-crispy criolla potato chips with lemon or chili-lemon. Additionally, for those who love sweet plantains, good news! Good Chips uses no oils of any kind, meaning you won’t have to worry about calories or saturated fats while you enjoy this crunchy snack! Get ready to savor that 100% natural flavor of sweet plantains with addictive crunchiness without the guilt! “With our new variety of flavors in the grab & go individual packaging, we want to offer a product line that all consumers of all ages could enjoy — we want to see GOOD CHIPS in all the food stores in our country and in many other countries” says Margarita Cabal, CEO and co-Founder of Paramo Snacks. 

Páramo Snacks was established as a BIC company in 2020, consolidating its commitment to generate triple impact — social, environmental and economic. Páramo Snacks supports small-scale farming communities in the high Andean mountains— dedicated producers working on the protection of cloud forests and the Páramos, unique and irreplaceable ecosystems that capture large amounts of CO2 and produce water for millions of people in Colombia. 2% of all our sales are invested in soil restoration programs through organic agriculture, as well as the planting of native trees to reforest and construct biological corridors.


Discover the new and delicious flavors that will give your days a healthier crunch — we hope you love them!

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