About Us

Paramo Snacks, is a women-owned company, created to accomplish two things: First, to bring the wonderful flavors of unique Latin American fruits & veggies to consumers through GOOD CHIPS; and second, to help small holder farmers who grow these exceptional superfoods while protecting vital ecosystems, essential to produce WATER. ​

About Our Roots

We were inspired by a heart-warming community advocating as strategic caregivers of an endangered and priceless ecosystem: The Paramos. Paramos are essential water sources and powerful carbon sinks that combat climate change. They are also one of the world's most diverse hotspot with thousands of endemic species.​

​2% of our sales go towards small holder farmers in support of regenerative agriculture practices and the reforestation of the Cloud Forests in the Andean Paramos. ​

Why saving the Paramos?

Paramos are endangered and irreplaceable ecosystems. The pressures of climate change and human land use could lead to the disappearance of its unique biodiversity and vital ecological services.​

Their loss would be a tragedy for both the region and the planet.​

Paramos are natural “water factories”, critical for the survival of millions of people. 

The Andean paramos are important global carbon sinks.  ​

They can capture 10x more CO2 per m2 than tropical forests.​

Paramos are the most biodiverse high-altitude ecosystem in the planet. They can be found in the Andean mountains in Latin America.

Paramos are important regulators for climate change mitigation. They act like a “sponge” storing water from fog, drizzle and glaciers, and then releasing it into the lowlands.​


Paramos: Magical Water Sources

Our indulgent secret formula

Our GOOD CHIPS start with a rigorous selection of the most flavorful - all-natural –superfoods.​

We make our chips with unique fruits, veggies and exotic roots from Latin American countries; we slow-bake them and turn them into thin and delicious chips for an incredible experience of taste & crispiness. ​

We are proud to say that all our chips are made without using any oils, artificial colors, or preservatives, and each bag contains just one or few ingredients of REAL food.​

Our snacks are specially created for people who value the power of real ingredients, the adventure of new flavors, and have a craving for GOOD CHIPS!​

Awards & Recognitions

Our company has been awarded and recognized internationally for its innovation and positive impact both socially and environmentally.  

In short, GOOD CHIPS are good for people and GOOD for the planet.​

Impact Report 2021

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