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Paramo Snacks selected by UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNDP) as a finalist company in the food and beverage category to attend the financing summit in Geneva

Within the framework of World Food Day, a celebration promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), to reduce hunger in the world, a purpose that the 2030 Agenda also seeks with its zero hunger goal, we want to remember this memorable recognition made by the UNDP. Thanks to our team and our hard work, Paramo Snacks was selected as a finalist by UNDP as a "Company with an impact that contributes to the achievement of the SDGs" in the "Food and Beverages" category.

 “After a long and rigorous evaluation process of 91 companies nominated by 60 actors from the country's impact investment ecosystem, the first version of the call for companies with impact that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs reached its final stretch. The evaluation process included the participation of the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) and 20 international and national thematic experts in development, impact and investment.” UNDP Colombia Team

Being among the companies selected to participate in the UNDP Geneva SDG Financing Summit that took place on December 2, 2021, we had the opportunity to present our business model to the European investment ecosystem and connect with key people for the growth of the project with the purpose of continuing to contribute to the generation of social, environmental and economic value, actively contributing to the sustainable recovery and progress of our country. Healing the earth to save every drop of water…. one chip at a time!


Thanks to you and the support of our community, we will have the opportunity to continue to promote our project beyond Colombia and interact with the European investment ecosystem.

Please see our thank-you letter here.

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