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GOOD CHIPS by Paramo Snacks Named Product of the Year 2020

By: Catalina Irigoyen

“Voted Product of the Year” an international company operating as the licensor of the largest consumer-voted logo for product innovation, during its second year of giving out awards in Colombia just came to a close, and innovative companies were rewarded for their outstanding products. This award promotes and rewards brands based on their attractiveness, purchase Intent, product test and innovation. Among them, GOOD CHIPS by Paramo Snacks received the title of “Product of the Year” for 2020. The prizes are given out by category, and GOOD CHIPS was the winner for “best healthy snack” among all other competitors. Every year, branded manufacturers in more than 40 countries subject their renewed and innovative products to the strict judgement of consumers. Paramo Snacks’ mission is to connect consumers with rural producers throughout their healthy snacks to boost the agricultural sector’s economy and simultaneously help restore the paramo ecosystems in Colombia.

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